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group therapy

Group therapy is another option for addressing your concerns and making effective positive changes in your life. Group members benefit from support in working together to solve issues, accountability to aid in success, and diverse members offering different perspectives. 

I facilitate processing, skills-focused, and support groups consisting of 6 -10 members meeting weekly or biweekly for 1-1.5 hours.  It is my role to help guide discussions, provide therapeutic interventions, and help group members meet their goals.

Fee: $45 per session
current group series 
Moving Boxes

transitions: so what's next?


You've experienced a major change in your life (a breakup, new job/job loss, moved to a new city) and are working to transition into the next stage of life. Maybe you want something completely different than the life you've had before.

This group will focus on transitioning from what was to what is, deciding what to you take with you, what to you leave behind, adopting new dreams and goals, and removing obstacles that prevent you from moving forward.

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White Picket Fence

all about boundaries


Boundary talk is pretty popular, "you have to set boundaries".

But do you understand what boundaries are? How do you know if you need to set boundaries? Or are you the one that doesn't respect the boundaries of others?

This skills group will help members define boundaries, learn to implement boundaries, respect the boundaries of others, and discover how boundaries actually bring us closer to the life we want.

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Romantic Walk in Sunset

relationships: growing in connection


Wanting closeness and connection but finding yourself in habitual self-destructive relational patterns?  

This group will focus on correcting thought patterns, making quality choices in people, developing communication skills. 

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Mother and a Child

mom life


Moms are constantly in action; working to balance taking care of their kids, partners, extended family, work, friendships, and often least of all, yourself. This moms' support group will serve as a "mom safe zone" to share, learn, and support each other.  

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religious trauma support


What is religious trauma? Do I have it?

This group will provide a safe and supportive space for those leaving religious belief, seeking community, and learning to live a new life outside of religious thought.

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