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life coaching

You want something but not quite sure how to make it happen; be it career, love, moving, or living more authentically in all areas.  Each of these paints a broad stroke and can feel overwhelming to even get started.
Sometimes you need help clarifying WHAT you actually want and the STEPS needed to get it.  And in-between the knowing what you want and taking the steps to realize your goal, there may be some obstacles in your way or interruptions to your motivation.
Coaching may be the right approach for you to sort it out and MOVE INTO ACTION.
Coaching in 3 Ways...
Online coaching allows us to meet face-to-face at each session. You'll need a quiet, private space for us to talk openly.
by phone
Just as it sounds; I'll simply give you a call at the number you provide. I offer 30-min or 50-min coaching sessions.
by email
Email coaching is available for those who want to focus on problem-to-solution in quick succint steps.  You'll email me your problem, and I'll provide clarifying questions, feedback, tips, and steps to help you determine a solution.
Let's get started
To learn more or discuss working together let's talk >>
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